Millions of people looking to shed pounds turn to detoxification methods to help their weight loss regime. Detoxing every day helps rid the waste from the body and keep your system at optimum levels of health and vitality.

Beetroot juice before workout
Beetroot Juice – Another great cleanser

Detox drinks are beneficial and efficient aids in losing weight. It’s because they help with digestion, flush out toxins, and boost metabolism.

There are many drinks for detox or cleansing being recommended nowadays. Some work better than others.

You’re probably wondering which ones are great for weight loss.

The remainder of this post will give you an idea of some ingredients that can help you in your battle to rid yourself of the dreaded ‘love handles’ and look your very best in the new year.

Ground cinnamon

Apple and Cinnamon Cleanse

Cinnamon is known for its distinct aroma and refreshing taste. The spice has also proven to be effective in helping a person lose weight. It has fat-burning aspects and helps speed up metabolism. 

Apples are also great detoxifiers. They are rich in phytochemicals and pectin, which help in detox, and in ridding our systems from heavy metals and additives.

Making a detox drink out of apple and cinnamon is easy. Add boiling water to a jug or any container able to withstand boiling water. Mix in a tablespoon of ground cinnamon in the water and add in a peeled and sliced apple.

Leave the ingredients to infuse for 15 minutes to one-half hour. The longer you let the spice steep, the more nutrients will mix in the water. Drink a cup of this infusion before going to bed. 

Lemon and Ginger Detox for Weight Loss

Lemon and ginger detox drink

You should drink this at the right time and know the proper way to get its full effect. It’s made from a mix of lemon and ginger and should be imbibed early in the morning to help increase your body’s metabolism. 

To make this drink, prepare a glass of warm water. Squeeze in half a lemon and mix an inch of grated ginger. Drink a glass every day for one to two months and be amazed at the results.

You can also add a little honey. Aside from improving its taste, research has shown that honey may curb obesity and reduce weight gain. 

Cucumber and Mint Mix

Min and cucumber cleanse

Another excellent detox for weight loss drink is the cucumber and mint mix. The combination of these two creates a refreshing aroma and taste. When this aromatic herb and vegetable are mixed in water, their nutrients will help get rid of the toxins from your body and assist digestion. 

Making this drink is so easy. Prepare a large pitcher with water. Slice some cucumbers and throw them in, along with several fresh mint leaves. Let the ingredients infuse in the water. You’ll now how something healthy to drink the whole day. 

Orange and Carrot Juice Medley

Orange and carrot detoxifier

A combination of oranges and carrots will create a powerhouse drink. Carrots are loaded with fiber and rich with beta-carotene. They help decrease your daily food intake by making you feel full.

Meanwhile, oranges are packed with vitamin C. According to a 2005 study, regular exercise and intake of vitamin C allowed participants to oxidize as much as 30% of fats. So, oranges or any other foodstuffs containing vitamin C for that matter can definitely aid any weight loss plan. 

To prepare this drink, slice some carrots and peel some oranges. Toss them in a food processor. Add some coriander leaves and a tablespoon of good quality honey. Add water and pulse. Add ice to the mixture and then drink. 

In conclusion

A positive lifestyle change, a good exercise regimen, and a healthy diet is the ideal way to lose weight. Combined with regular periods of detoxing, you’ll have an effective and efficient weight loss solution.