A Basic Introduction to the Health Benefits of Fasting on Water Only

Fasting has been practiced for ages. It is a traditional way of restricting any food intake for a variety of reasons and purposes.

One of the many types of fasting is water fasting, wherein one restricts any food intake at all except water.

This method of fasting has become more popular in recent years, especially in the alternative health arena, not only for those who are interested in rapid weight loss but for the reported health benefits that it brings.

Water fasting has plenty of health benefits. Several studies suggest that it may prevent chronic diseases and help to promote cell regeneration. It may help to prevent or halt the progression of diseases like cancer, and heart disease.

Further research shows that it may even help to extend lifespan. Here are a few benefits of water fasting that makes people turn to this practice and forego mainstream medicine:
For detox
For spiritual beliefs or religious practices
For its plethora of health benefits
For losing weight

Water Fasting for Health: A Precaution

A lot of people can endure the process of water fasting even without medical supervision. Most people do so without consulting their doctor.

However, should NOT be the case for people with severe ailments such as diabetes, eating disorders, children, and pregnant women. They should not under any circumstances, be allowed to undergo this practice unless otherwise prescribed by a medical professional.

Water fasting

If you don’t have experience water fasting before, it would be ideal for you to spend a few days or a week in preparation for the coming total absence of food and the detoxification symptoms that this may bring.

You can do this by eating lots of fruits and vegetables or juicing in the days before embarking on a water fast.

How Is Water Fasting for Detox Done?

During Water Fasting (24 to 72 hours)

There is not a lot to it really and it is quite simple in practice…

During water fasting, you are not allowed to take any food except water alone. People commonly drink 2-3 L of water each day. The water fast can last from around 24hrs to a few weeks in length. It is normal for some people to feel dizzy and feel weak during this practice of water fasting. But in the end, your health will significantly be benefitted. 

After Water Fasting

The post–fast phase is an essential part of the detox. You shouldn’t break your fast by eating junk food or eating massive portions of food. This would defeat the purpose and reverse a lot of your gains.

Always end a short fast by consuming fruits and vegetables or fruit juices.

After a longer fast, you should be even more careful about what you eat. Juices and broths should be consumed for at least a day or two after a long fast.

Water Fasting for Health Benefits

Everyone can benefit from water fasting. This is a powerful way to boost your health and protect you from disease and chronic illnesses.

Studies show that water fasting could offer health benefits, for example for those people who are struggling with depression or chronic inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. Here are a few of the health benefits you can gain from water fasting.

It helps control blood sugar

Water fasting has been proven to improve blood sugar control, especially for people who are struggling with ailments like diabetes. One study found out that 2 out of 10 people who have a type of diabetes, after practicing water fasting, have significantly reduced their blood sugar levels.

It prevents inflammation and promotes better health

Inflammation can lead to the development of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and the likes. It hampers the development of inflammation and helps promote better health.

Water fasting benefits

Helps with brain functioning

It helps boost overall brain function by helping to increase nerve cells to improve cognitive ability. It may also help in preventing neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. You can read a very interesting study on intermittent fasting here which suggests it’s benefits to brain functioning.

It aids weight loss and helps improve metabolism

Short term fasting may help to lose weight and boost metabolism. Fasting may also help preserve muscle tissue to lose weight and reduce body fat.

It helps promote leptin and insulin sensitivity

Leptin and insulin are both hormones in the human body that are important for metabolism. Leptin gives you the feeling of being full, while insulin assists the body in storing the nutrients from your bloodstream. The more insulin means the more efficient in lowering or controlling the blood sugar. Where, if you have more leptin in your body, all the more you will feel fuller and less hunger, thus lowering your risk of obesity. 

In conclusion

Water fasting has been proven to help people in many different ways. These include health concerns, weight loss, detoxifying, and also practicing religious or spiritual beliefs. 

Just remember that if you are interested in embarking on a water fast that most importantly you consult your health care professional. The above information is provided for informational purposes only and not offered as advice.

Secondly, you should do your own research. There are 100s of websites only offering advice on how to proceed with your first fast.