Basic Juicing Tips to Save Time and Keep Your Hubby Happy Too

You know how it is, you come home after a hard days work, the boss has been on your back for the best part of the day, maybe the kids are screaming – the husband/wife is howling louder for attention. The last thing you want to think about is preparing fruits and veggies for your daily juice intake, let alone the clean up that comes after.

Juicing time saving tips

The Easier & Faster it is To Prepare the More You Will Juice

On a good day this wouldn’t be a problem. When things are on top of you though, it seems like a momentous task.

Hopefully in this post I can layout some tips that will help ensure you’re getting the juices you want/need with as little hassle and disruption as possible. The last thing we want is your husband throwing his bottle out of the pram just because the juicer is getting more attention than he is.

Since embarking on a daily juicing regime, I am finding that more and more space is being taken up by the produce that I cart home from the grocery store on practically a daily basis. I’m not the most organized in the world, plus I have limited space in the fridge/cupboards at home, so I tend to buy my produce in small quantities rather than do a big shop.

If you have more space then buy in bulk. This will not only save you time but can save you some cash too if you can pick up some bargains, for example in two for one deals.

It’s definitely a good idea to set aside a compartment in your refrigerator for your fruits and veggies. Better still have separate bags for those ingredients that you use more regularly in your juices. We all have our favorite recipes.

Chop up enough fruits and vegetable to juice for a few days or more. This may be basic stuff but a time-saving tip that you may not have thought of. Simply prepare your produce for more than one juice by storing the ingredients in air-tight containers or freezing them. I usually freeze them after chopping and putting in freezer bags.

If you chop up and store your juicing ingredients for the whole week then this will cut out one step from the process of preparing your juice and save you a lot of time. That extra time could be spent reading to the kids, tickling your husbands belly – or serenading your wife:)

Another time saver is to line the pulp container with lining bags. These bags can be bought in rolls at your local supermarket. The same bags that you use to freeze your produce would likely do. This time-saver won’t work for me currently as my pulp container is held within the machine. This particular tip will only work for those of you with pulp buckets that sit on the outside of the juicer.

Another way to save time and hassle is to make sure that everything you need is at hand. Don’t store your juicer away in a cupboard. This is a surefire way to ensure you juice less than you normally would if the juice extractor is sitting out on your kitchen worktop – winking at you every time you pass by – and ready to go at the flip of a switch.

Don’t bother peeling some of your fruits and vegetables, if you want to save time. For example, no need to peel the skin of lemons and limes. These skins contain vital anti-oxidants and will add to the good nutrients in your finished juice.

Same with beetroot and kiwi skin(Yes the furry one). Has to be said that leaving the skins on will somewhat affect the taste of your juice. If this doesn’t bother you then by all means save yourself some time – as I do – and put the produce in your juicer unpeeled. Make sure to wash thoroughly first.

These are just a few of the things you can do to save time and ensure that you are more likely to keep apace with your juicing habits. It takes a while to actually form a habit, so it’s important to keep this in mind on those days and nights when you’re feeling like you just can’t be bothered. At those times, push forward and juice anyway!

Do you have any tips you use to save time while juicing? I, and my readers too(all three of them), would love to hear about your time savers. Simply use the comments section below. It will only take a minute.