Your body is constantly working to keep you feeling healthy and energetic. You’ve got several internal systems built into your body that are working around the clock to gather up and remove toxins from your cells and organs.

But sometimes your natural cleansing systems get bogged down and need a little help.

How Long-Term Exposure to Toxins Results in Illness

Every day, our bodies are assaulted with toxins of all sorts, but they generally fall within two categories: environmental toxins and metabolic toxins:

Metabolic toxins: Originating within your body, these metabolic toxins are produced by your own cells as they go about their daily business. They can also be made by microorganisms within your body that come from food or the air you breathe.

Environmental toxins: These toxins come from outside of our bodies, such as the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, or the products we apply to our skin.

They can come in the form of chemicals in personal care products like phthalates and triclosan, from agricultural chemicals like pesticides, from pharmaceuticals, or from pollution such as airborne particulate matter or volatile organic compounds.

As we’ve already noted, your body has pre-programmed systems for coping with toxins. These toxins are processed first by your liver, then sent on to your colon, skin, lungs, or kidneys.

Your body then rids itself of toxins as it defecates, exhales, urinates, sneezes, or coughs. It can also store toxins in your fat when all else fails.

As toxins build up in your body, either because you’re being exposed to too many of them or because your natural defense mechanisms are suppressed, you may go into a state called toxicosis, which is a disruption of cellular function. Toxicosis can produce short-term health problems but may also cause permanent DNA or organ damage.

How a Full Body Cleanse can Benefit You

Full body cleanse to the rescue!

When toxins reach a certain level, they can begin to make you feel lethargic, ill, and irritable. To support your body in its natural detoxing systems, you can do a full-body cleanse.

Detox foods

A full body cleanse will accelerate your body’s innate cleansing and detoxing abilities by giving it rest, providing the right nutrition, and adding beneficial supplements to speed the process.

A cleanse may also incorporate external hyperthermia detoxing methods like saunas and baths. Also, find out How to Get the Most out of Your Detox Diet

Just keep in mind: it has likely taken your body many, many years to build up the toxins in your body to the point they are at today. As such, you can’t expect a full body cleanse to clear out these nasty chemicals in a few short days.

Full-body cleansing must be approached with patience, perseverance, and intentionality to ensure a complete detoxification of your system. You’ll likely feel better after a few days, but a commitment to see the process through will give you longer-term benefits than you’d receive with a quick cleanse.

Good luck!