Some Tips on Introducing Juicing to Youngsters

From around the age of two toddlers have discovered that they enjoy a certain amount of control over their young lives. In actuality, they don’t have control over a lot but in one particular arena they try to assert their will – with sometimes ferocious tenacity – and that is at the dinner table.

It is a responsible parents role to make sure they are eating the proper foods. That usually involves plenty of fruits and veggies. Fruits are fine, but a youngster will usually fight tooth and nail when it comes to trying to get them to ingest a healthy amount of greens. Getting it on their plate is one thing, managing to convince them to take the next step is another.

This battle affects both children and parent alike.

When it comes to encouraging our kids to eat a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables as a mainstay, juicing may well be the answer or at least a viable alternative to trying to force solids down our kid’s necks:)

Kid Drinking Green Juice

Just think how much more nutrition can be included on one glass of juice opposed to eating the same amount of solids. When it comes to kids it is much more beneficial to make the foodstuffs easier on the palate.

The idea is to create juices that are much more palatable. For example, adding a banana or apple to a couple of cubes of frozen spinach before blending or juicing is much more likely to be accepted and appreciated by your three year old. Try managing to get them to eat that spinach otherwise!

The fact that veggies are usually juiced in their raw form means they are much more nutritious than the cooked variety.

It is definitely advisable to start off small when introducing leafy greens to our kid’s diet. Over time we can increase the amount of vegetables or decrease the number of fruits. Fruits contain loads of sugar. Although the sugars are the natural sort, it is healthier to limit the amounts we give our young ones.

Diluting the juices with coconut or spring water is also a good way to make the drinks easier to ingest without adding more sugars and calories.

Also at the beginning do not be adding many different varieties of fruits and veggies. Start off with one or two of each. Over time you will find that your kid has his or her favorites. Stick to those. Better to have them enjoying the same blend every time than trying to force juices that they are NEVER going to stomach.

It is also a great idea to allow your toddler to join in the act of preparing and making the juice. In this way they will experience it as a fun game. They are much more likely to want to finish the final product and eager to repeat the process.

Here is a healthy and nutritious recipe that your youngster will love.

Recipe(More Recipes Here)

4 x Stalks of Broccoli
2 x Large Carrots(Peeled and Cut 2 Inch Chunks)
2 x Large Apples(Peeled and Cored)
I Medium Pineapple(Cut into chunks)
2 Cups of Coconut Water

If there is lots of pulp after juicing I would usually put it through a strainer.

This is a great way to introduce some healthy veggies while also masking the taste with the sweetness of the apples and pineapple.

Let me know how it works out.