The Benefits of Juicing Beetroot to Help You Lose Weight

It’s 2019, gyms and other fitness centers are filled to the brim this month, as we attempt again try to keep ourselves in shape through a variety of effective and not so effective weight loss methods.

I could spend 23 hours per day in the gym working my butt off, but if I don’t watch my diet and maintain a combination of fasting and eating the proper foods, it would all be in vain.

I am much of a couch potatoe, so I much prefer to do less exercise and more discipline in the dietary field. How about you?

Nutritonal Value

One of the messiest foods to juice and also one of the best as an aid to weight loss is the humble beetroot.

Beetroots are high in roughage, dense in nutrients and very low in calories. So they will keep you feeling fuller for longer, with very few calories to burn off, because of the low count per serving. There are 30 calories in one medium sized beetroot.

Beets are rich in folic acid, manganese, copper, potassium, magnesium, sulphur and iron. This root is a powerhouse packed with nutrition.

Beets are also a great and unique source of betalaines which has powerful, anti-inflammatory, detoxification and anti-oxidant qualities. Betaline can also help improve digestion thus complimenting any weight loss goals.

If you do decide to get on the tread-mill, then make sure to have a glass of beetroot juice beforehand. A new study being conducted by Dr. Aaron Sverdlov and Dr. Doan Ngo may prove that the nitrates in beetroot juice are beneficial in aiding cardio exercise, therefore helping you shed those extra pounds.

Acccording to Dr. Ngo:

“We are hoping to use beetroot juice as an easy alternative, along with the patient’s normal dietary intake, to help boost the oxygen consumption in the muscles,” she said.

“[That will] therefore improve exercise and promote exercise duration for patients with obesity, therefore helping them to lose weight and promote healthy cardio-respiratory fitness.”

So without further ado, let’s get to my favorite recipe for healthy weight loss:


1 medium sized beet(Peeled and chopped small enough to fit into your juicer)

4 Large carrots

1 Stalk of Celery

Optional:Quarter of medium sized pineapple. This is to counter the bitterness of the beetroot. As pineapple contains around 16g of sugar per slice, you are best to leave out if your main goal its to lose weight.

Be warned, as stated above, peeling and juicing beetroots is very messy. The juice can stain kitchen worktops and clothes alike. Make sure to cover up well.

Oh, and your pee will also turn red:)

Happy Juicing!